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Appeals & Fundrasing

Past Events & Appeals:

UK: London Ball 1999 | Cinema Screenings | Brigidine School | Lectures | Marathons | Ebury Flood Appeal

US: New York Gala 2000 | Elephant Walk | Asian Flavors | Marathons | Elephant Walk Flood Appeal

France: Senat Dinner 2002 | Lectures | Theatre |

Cambodia: Rostropovich in Angkor 2003 | Support the Dance | Tree Day | Bicycle Appeal | Well Appeal



Cinema Screenings

On 24th September, 2003 NKFC ran a screening of 'Belonging' a documentary film charting the journey of Li-Da Kruger (NKFC trustee) as she goes to Cambodia in search of her birth parents... this event raised £940.

Past Private Screenings at Warner Bros Preview Theatre
With warmest thanks to Warner Bros Preview Theatres and Pathé.

1/5/2003 "El Hijo de la Novia" (The Son of the Bride) raised £667
30/1/2002 "Ocean's Eleven" raised £1,825
5/4/2001 "The Wedding Planner" raised £1,285
16/5/2001 "Le Gout des Autres" raised  £847.14


Past Private Screenings at The Minema Knightsbridge
We would like to thank Brinkley Mitchell and staff at the Minema for all their years of kindness and support. Maj Britt Kirchner, Una Honan and Pathé for making these evenings possible.

04/05/1995 Six Degrees of Separation
26/03/1998 Kundun
22/09/1998 A Perfect Murder
21/10/1998 The Mask Of Zorro
15/01/1999 You've Got Mail
24/02/1999 Message In A Bottle
25/06/1999 All About My Mother (Todo Sobra Mi Madre)
08/02/2000 La Fille Sur Le Pont (The Girl on the Bridge) | The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia is a Registered Charity No. 1037695. Founded in 1994. A company limited by guarantee and registered in the UK No. 2913724