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UK: London Ball 1999 | Cinema Screenings | Brigidine School | Lectures | Marathons | Ebury Flood Appeal

US: New York Gala 2000 | Elephant Walk | Asian Flavors | Marathons | Elephant Walk Flood Appeal

France: Senat Dinner 2002 | Lectures | Theatre |

Cambodia: Rostropovich in Angkor 2003 | Support the Dance | Tree Day | Bicycle Appeal | Well Appeal


SAN FRANCISCO 'Bay to Breakers' 2002
Alain Karet and members of his class once again did the Bay to Breakers Marathon in aid of the NKFC.  They successfully raised $1,100. 

Well done everyone and thank you !!!


SAN FRANCISCO 'Bay to Breakers' 2001
On Sunday, May 20th, 2001 Hamilton Beaumont, Thomas Soucaille, Paul Fruhauf, Maelle Gresset, Florine Steinthal, Lindsay Upson, Constance Rampini and Alain Karet from the Junior Class at the Lycee Francais la Perouse in SF ran in the 90th annual S.F. Examiner's Bay to Breakers. It is a 7.5 mile, or 12 km, race with about 70,000 participants in which they managed to raise $1,024. 

Well done and a big thank you to you all! | The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia is a Registered Charity No. 1037695. Founded in 1994. A company limited by guarantee and registered in the UK No. 2913724