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Appeals & Fundrasing

Past Events & Appeals:

UK: London Ball 1999 | Cinema Screenings | Brigidine School | Lectures | Marathons | Ebury Flood Appeal

US: New York Gala 2000 | Elephant Walk | Asian Flavors | Marathons | Elephant Walk Flood Appeal

France: Senat Dinner 2002 | Lectures | Theatre |

Cambodia: Rostropovich in Angkor 2003 | Support the Dance | Tree Day | Bicycle Appeal | Well Appeal


The Ebury Flood Appeal - London

On December 1st 2011, the Ebury in London, Victoria donated a dinner for the Flood Appeal hosting 50 guests, successfully raising with auctions, raffles and NKFC Christmas cards. A big thank you to everyone who made this possible.

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Support the Dance Event

On Friday 27th February 2009 at 17h30;
and Saturday 28th February at 17h30
a select group of 38 young dancers from Banteay Srey
will perform in Phnom Penh for the very first time
at the invitation of the Hotel Royal

From the shadows of the delicate pink temple of Banteay Srey these children from humble backgrounds whose parents in 1999, when NKFC first began to work in the region, numbered amidst the poorest of the poor, living under the stronghold of the Khmer rouge, have flourished into proud and dedicated exponents and defenders of Khmer culture and tradition through traditional classical and folk dance.

In order to restore their dignity and leading them to the path of a sustainable future the NKFC initially worked with seven settlements of displaced refugees (1181 families) and at the end of 2003 expanded to another seven villages (1353 families). NKFC has implemented a rolling programme of education in hygiene, basic healthcare, vaccination, malaria prevention and aid awareness; agriculture and animal husbandry; water policy and distributing wells and latrines after training. NKFC has also built 3 schools (9 classrooms) to provide parallel programmes for both parents and children.

Two years ago NKFC expanded their work to include vocational training for adults and children. The first dance school with 128 dancers was sponsored by NKFC France and proved to be a great success, beyond all expectations, transforming little muddy children into elegant and gracious creatures dancing with their soul.


We are raising funds to build both a music school and another dance school for the other seven villages in 2009

“From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for your generous support in making the dreams of these children come true.”
Ravynn Karet Coxen, NKFC Founder Chairman


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Bicycle Appeal

My God daughter Tosca pledged successfully for her 10 th Birthday on December 2007 a bicycle per dancer in total 233 bicycles. Thank you "Uncle" Derek for the most generous donation of 140 bicycles, and Tony for your donation of 50 bicycles.


Tree Day

In February 2009, the children of the NKFC sponsored schools and the NKFC Founder Chairman, and staff from the Cambodia office have teamed together to sell trees grown by the children in a drive to raise funds to provide additional support to their school teachers.

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NKFC Key Facts (US) 2003

Download NKFC Key Facts Document (US version, 2003)


NKFC would like to thank all the donir of our 2005 WELL APPEAL who managed to raise the funds for 45 wells for over 180 families.

Our thanks to the following:

Bina Sella de Monteluce USA 6 wells
Vivek Tiwary USA 6 wells 29 latrines
John Gillepsie USA 1 well
Dominique Lazard USA 10 wells
Mrs Huang Ny USA 1 well
Mrs Phana Long USA 1 well
In memory of Mrs Poeuc Uy USA 1 well, 1 latrine
Family of Sarun Nong USA 1 well
Mrs Chu Hnag Ung Hour USA 1 well
Mr Roeun Om USA 1 well
Mrs An USA 2 latrines
Family of Tom Paolim USA 1 well
Mr Blaise Guerrand Hermes France 2 wells
Mrs Galia Saouma Ferero France 1 well
Equipe Aesculape France 10 wells
Mr Warwick Ryan UK 2 wells


Water is the Key to Life...
For the newly adopted commune of Run Taek, comprising 7 villages in the District Bantey Srei, Province of Siem Reap, NKFC has launched the "2004 Well Appeal".

To provide safe water, effective sanitation and hygiene for communities to sustain a better quality a life is an essential step in the eradication of poverty. The population currently walks for miles to collect water from polluted sources, water which often carries disease and without education these vulnerable communities are trapped in the stranglehold of disease and poverty.

FACT: Only 35% of the population in Cambodia has access to clean water.

The population of these 7 new villages is 1,154 families (6,645 persons). A communal ring well is distributed to each five to seven families depending on the distance between the houses. Before digging the well with the population, we actively involve them in the planning, constructing, managing and maintaining the project. It is essential to gain the commitment by the local community to participate fully in the programme at all stages. We train and educate them with the danger of water-borne and related diseases, the importance of clean water, of drinking boiling water, of washing hands, to remove any stagnant water and keep the animals away from the well with a fence.

Each well is numbered and recorded and has a water point committee responsible for overseeing the continual maintenance of the well and following up our education programme where we integrate the water, sanitation and hygiene education to give a maximum health benefit. They themselves contribute by providing the fence and thatching for the roof and we supply the concrete rings, the cement surround and the metal cover. The water is tested once a year by a reputed firm paid by the Foundation and our Hygiene Officer is continuously consolidating the education.

FACT: Due to the lack of clean water and extreme poverty child mortality is 124 of 1,000 births and mother’s mortality is 473 of 100,000 births - the highest in South East Asia.

We need 230 wells costing £100 each in order to bring water to 1,154 families.

Your gift could help save lives.

Calendar of Events

In 2009 NKFC will be running a series of small fundraising events ranging from cinema screenings to dinner parties to cooking lessons.

Further details of any public fundraising events will be posted here.

Past Events

In the last few years the NKFC have undertaken a number of hugely successful fundraising events ranging from private cinema screenings, marathons, fashion shows and lectures in London; theatre performance, dinner and lectures in France; sponsored dinners, marathons and cooking classes in USA. As well as high profile Charity Galas in both London (1999) and New York (2000) and a concert in Angkor by Rostropovich in 2003 (which was unfortunately cancelled, but our thanks go to an anonymous donor who significanly mitigated this loss).

NKFC have also lauched several successful appeals, a Bicycle Appeal by 10 year old Tosca Baharani who, at her 10th birthday party, raised the funds for 230 bicycles for the dance programme. A Tree Day in Cambodia (Siem Reap) raised enough money to supplement the 14 teachers of the 9 classrooms for a year and Well Appeal which enabled us to provide 45 wells for 180 families.

We would like to thank all who have attended, contributed and donated to the NKFC events and hope that you will continue to be a part of what we are trying to achieve.


(Detailed information on the below coming soon) | The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia is a Registered Charity No. 1037695. Founded in 1994. A company limited by guarantee and registered in the UK No. 2913724