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Schools (Ta Koh, Rohal)

On 16th December 2001, HRH Princess Bopha Devi, Minister of Culture for the Kingdom of Cambodia inaugurated Ta Koh School.  Delegates from UNESCO and a number of other distinguished guests came to rural Siem Reap province to honour the NKFC and assist in the inauguration of the 2 schools, TA Koh (2 class blocks of 3 school rooms each - one built with funds from NKFC UK, the other with funds from NKFC USA) and Rohal, built with funds raised by the children of Brigidine School, Windsor in the presence of their own Sandy Davies (1 class block of 3 school rooms).

NKFC would like to thank all those who attended the inauguration, and all those who have helped raised funds for NKFC: 

Inauguration pictures:   Rohal
Inauguration pictures:   Ta Koh

On 15th December 50 monks came to Ta Koh and Rohal to bless the schools.

Education programme guide lines

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Student Census of NKFC Schools in Takoh and Rohall

Download Student Census 2008-2009 of NKFC School in Takoh [Excel, 79.0kb]
Download Student Census 2008-2009 of NKFC School in Rohall [Excel, 55.5kb]

Download Student Census 2007-2008 of NKFC School in Takoh [Excel, 79.0kb] (Coming soon)
Download Student Census 2007-2008 of NKFC School in Rohall [Excel, 52.5kb] (Coming soon)

Yearly education in Takoh and Rohall School monitoring 2009

Download Monthly Education monitoring 2009 [Excel, 89.5kb]

Construction of Schoolrooms: October  2001
The process of construction of schoolrooms began in October in Siem Reap Province.

We are planning the construction of 9 different school rooms in 3 sites affiliated to villages adopted by NKFC in Siem Ream Province. Rohall School has been built thanks the hard work of the students of the Brigidine School in Windsor.  At Ta Koh, one of the schoolrooms has been built with funds from NKFC USA, the other NKFC UK.

The inauguration of the schools was held on 15th December 2001.


Construction of Rohal School
Construction of Ta Koh School



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